1km wifi linktest: Mikrotik SXT G-5HPnD-HG r2 to Mikrotik Omnitik

  • The linktest was executed taking into account the legal limitation of 1 Watt ERP . (effective radiated power).
  • Speed is measured with the bandwidth tool between RB2011 UAS RM and Omnitik.
  • This 1 km 5 GHz wifi linktest was executed on a public road in the harbor of Gent, Belgium.
  • The SXT and Omnitik are on 3.80 meter off the ground on a speaker standard.
  • No other access point were present during the time of testing, to limit all possible interference.

Way of working

The Mikrotik SXT G-5HPnD-HG r2 has a gigabit ethernet interface that allows us to give a good view on the linkspeed. In order not to overload the CPU of the SXT with the bandwidth test software, we will not run the test on the SXT itself. The SXT will be connected on a routerboard RB2011 UiAS-2HnD-in. This will be the DHCP-server. The laptop is connected directly on the Omnitik.


Good location to execute measurements. Line of sight and no blockings.

Router OS version
RouterOs Bios firmware
6.18 3.18

Site A

24 Volt battery with a RB2011-UAS RM (protected against rain)


Setup at the traffic sign

Site B

24 Volt battery connected to the Mikrotik Omnitik.


The Omnitik.

omnitik kant B

Situation overview, picture taken with zoom. The red dot indicates the place where the SXT is placed, 1 km further.

Bandwidth 20 MHz protocol 802.11 n
Frequency Bandwitdth Ack-timing Signal chain0 /chain1 Speed RX/TX Transmit ccq
5200 Mhz 20 Mhz 4 Km -57 dBm /-56 dBm 113.8 Mbit /92.1 Mbit 99 / 95

Bandwidth 20 MHz protocol Nv2
Frequency Bandwidth Ack-timing Signal chain0 /chain1 Speed RX/TX Transmit ccq
5200 Mhz 20 Mhz 4 Km -57 dBm /-56 dBm 84.3 Mbit / 81.0 Mbit 99 / 95


The Mikrotik SXT and Omnitik have a MIMO 2x2 radio on board. This is connected with the twon antennas in the SXT and Omnitik. One antenna is positioned horizontally, the other ons vertically. That's why there are two values. By selecting "chain0" and "chain1" we use both antennas en polarisations. This is the system 2x2 MIMO. See the inside of an SXTvia this link. Note the double antenna mounted one after another.


This linktest has succeeded, but strictly speaking, the signal is too strong. It can be compared to someone screaming next to your ear when whispering would do just fine. Nevertheless the quality of the link (CCQ) was perfect, 100 procent. Nv2 should be very good, but I have my doubts about the performance. Ping tests show a bit more latency with the Nv2 protocol.